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Monday, January 31, 2011

If I may quote....

Just in case you missed it, allow me to quote a new reader of this humble blog who added his comment to my "Liberty and Justice for All" post.

"Peace maintained by threat of force is an impostor, a cork in a volcano.
US aid is used by our "allies" to keep their domestic indifference and diplomatic failings from spilling over onto our balance sheets and out of our headlines [emphasis added], and those seem to be the only criteria by which its success is measured."

Clearly, Egypt is not the only country we call our friend, whose people are held down by threat of force--yes, like a cork in a volcano.  These policies are NOT the way to the peace we say we want. Sleepers awake! It really is time to "own" our policies; admit we're NOT necessarily helping by propping up tyrants and dictators just so we can be the "success" we look like on the surface. What price are we paying in our heart of national hearts? It's a tough thing to admit, but until we really see it--that supporting dictators may not be the road to true and lasting peace (or liberty and justice for all)--we'll continue to be surprised that people want to hurt us; and we won't make the changes that could stop the pain...the world's pain.

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