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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti, one year later...and our global future.

"Rebuild Haiti," was the battle cry, one year go, January 2010.
A year later, well over a million people are living in tent "cities", where disease and rape gangs are a constant threat; and the rubble from collapsed buildings still litters the streets. The recent election was as much a fraud as elections in Haiti have ever been. For a century, one whiff of a truly populist movement was stamped out by thugs and torturers paid for by the ruling elite. If Haiti's generous neighbor to the north (that's us), really wanted to "rebuild Haiti", we would have allowed it decades ago. Instead, in the face of great wealth amongst the top one percent, subsistence living for the masses remains the status quo--much as it has in Central America and other countries around the world for all the same reasons. Who are we kidding?

But this blog is about considering new answers. The history books speak for themselves (depending on who's doing the writing, of course!), so one need not rehash here. I think it's safe to say there won't be any real political solutions designed to better everyone's life acted upon any time soon, in Haiti or in this country. Religious solutions either, given the righteous stance dividing us further. As far as sharing the wealth, the very great wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer...well, we can forget about that, too, right?

The "answer" will only come from a fundamental shift in the way we see ourselves as individuals in relation to each other. The fact is, we're all One. We're one energy, part of one all-inclusive gestalt called Life, which dismisses no one as less important than someone else. It is our sad constructs that are bringing the world to its precarious state. I don't believe we can look outward any longer for meaningful, long-lasting solutions. A new religion? Some other political hope? For all our best intentions, what we're DOING isn't working to take us to where we say we want to go: to a world of peace, love and mutual understanding.

Hating war is not the answer. Loving peace is a start, then acting in loving ways. In other words, "being loving". We need to BE something else. Embracing our Oneness will automatically put us in a loving place because what we would want for ourselves and our families would extend to every other living being. Such a change will only come from within. What will it take for loving awareness--embracing Oneness--to fill the heart of every man? Yes, "people say I'm a dreamer; but I KNOW I'm not the only one." Join me. Join us. Let's Consider Peace.

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