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I am a writer, photographer and musician living in Los Angeles. In the last few years, new written work--numerous plays, screenplays, and two novels--have demonstrated this to be the most productive period of my life. The journal I have also kept for thirty-five years has, of late, become a personal sounding board for my thoughts on peace and the state of the world...about which I remain hopelessly optimistic! My writing here will be in tandem to video "Peace Talks" I have recorded, and which will be released throughout 2011. You're welcome to visit my website, the "Studio 5" link, to see my photographs. As a classically-trained pianist, I have been composing music all my life. Two guitar re-mixes of piano music are attached here, as well as several music videos, including "Consider Peace" the title track of an up-coming CD. Balancing writing, photography and music has been a long and challenging path...not to be recommended! Yet this very Aries diversity reflects an enthusiasm for the modern world of which I feel very much a part.

Friday, December 31, 2010

How differently we view the world.

I heard this interesting story from my new friend Michael Menzies. He and his partner Eduardo have both kept journals all their life. Sometimes they'll play a game, picking a random date from years gone by to see how each viewed the events of that day. When comparing notes, in most cases each one's "take" was completely different!

We're all looking at the world through our own prism...of experience, our underlying hopes and dream, our particular bend of nature. Some of us are "half full" types, and others tend to see things from a less optimistic point of view. I, for one, am a hopeless optimist. I simply refuse to believe people are "evil"-- as one God-fearing Christian woman I met in the market assured me we ALL were. Life is not evil; it's just...Life! Our point of view gives it meaning. What we feel about it, and what we give attention to, or simply trust, will be the measure of our experience.

As we embark on another year, the year of Life, 2011, let's remember that we're all in this together. Let's trust that the ever-evolving process of which we're all a part is taking us to the place we SAY we want to go: to a world of peace. It's possible if we give attention to it. But it starts by first considering...at least considering...peace. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've been thinking about Christmas.

What is a savior but the answer to our prayers. So we can celebrate Christmas every day if we count our blessings and be a savior to someone else. To expect salvation only somewhere in the afterlife is to undervalue the rich potential of every moment here and now...because "now" (which is forever) is all we've got!

The teachings and life of example which Jesus came to demonstrate said we can all be saviors. Celebrate Christmas every day by being someone's savior: even a simple kindness, easy as a compliment or an encouraging word. By "being", you'll realize that you have it to give. It's easier than you think, and a first step to the Peace on Earth we've dreamed about for so long.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank you, Matteo Zanetti

The young man who came to help me in my studio...editing video; shooting video; doing what a good producer does: serve as confidant, champion, AND devil's advocate...Matteo Zanetti has returned to Italy to finish his university studies. Matteo, whose picture you may view on my website, came to me out of the blue, and I can only wonder at the deeper reasons (some old connection) for the blessing of his active and dedicated presence in my life.

I was already in a highly productive period, but with Matteo's very focused help, his humor and incredible willingness to try new things, I was able to accomplish in just two months what might have taken me the best part of a year.

One hopes the experience was rewarding for him, but as for me...well, you wouldn't even be reading this, OR know about my novels, OR have "Peace Talks" and music videos to view were it not for Matteo being so ready to be useful. There's no other word for it. And because Matteo was useful to me, my wish now is that the results of all this--our--"productivity" will be an inspiration to you, kind reader.

Thank you, Matteo. Thank you, my new friend.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Word for your Vocabulary

Not sure why, but I woke up thinking about a great word that you might want to add to your vocabulary. The word is "individuation".
The fact is (and it is a fact), we're all part of One Thing, made of One Energy, and everyone and everything is included...no exceptions. Of course, we are not the same; our paths are different. A tree is not a flower; my thumb is not my pinkie. But we're all part of one great body. From the cells in our fingertips to the furthest reaches of the universe, everything is part of--an individuation of--that One Thing: Life.

As we consider the state of our world, knowing we CAN do better, that there IS another way, we may start to look for a healing place by considering how deeply connected we really are. By relating to each other with this as a kind of "root assumption", we'll make new choices about HOW we can change (and alter our political, financial and religious constructs), in ways that reflect this expanded understanding of who we really are.

Embracing our fundamental Oneness; recognizing--and celebrating--the fact that we are all individuations of Life itself, is, I believe, our best starting point as we look to heal an ailing world...and finally consider peace as a realistic option.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Music

On Tuesday I went into the recording studio for five hours to lay down some of my original piano music (forty years in the making!). Interesting that even the oldest pieces don't sound dated; in fact, Scott Fraser, the recording engineer was completely surprised that some of the work was not written just this year; then said something interesting: that melodies don't date, and my music is very melodic. True enough.
Part of the recording time included my assistant Matteo Zanetti video taping two of the pieces: "Consider Peace", the title track, and one other breezy little number called "Driving with Andy". Fully-cut (and visually tweaked) videos of both should show up here--and on YouTube--very soon.
Also on YouTube, the first of my "Peace Talks" will be released on January 1st, and string out at regular intervals through 2011, snowballing, I hope, as we continue to get the word out about embracing Oneness and the Peace which WILL result...if we believe it's possible. It all starts by...you guessed it: considering peace.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A dream I had.

I dreamed last night about a sky dense with stars, where all the astrological signs were imprinted in clearly-delineated clusters, vivid and bright and awe-inspiring. I was reminded of my friend Matteo Zanetti explaining in his vivid logic that he didn’t think peace was possible. It made me look again at what I’m doing here with this blog, these posts, and the numerous short “Peace Talks” I’m currently recording on video, which will spread out over the weeks and months of 2011.

I am trying to inspire peace. Yes, it can seem extremely illogical in the face of the relentless devolution going on in the world…for all our best intentions as individuals. My Peace Talks speak of a seemingly idyllic dream: a world that embraces Oneness with peace being the inevitable result. Is it illogical? Maybe this dreamer’s aspiration is just what we need right now. Of course there are a million reasons “why not”; but believing is seeing. If we don’t start believing that peace is possible, then no seeds will be planted.

That is all I’m doing: planting seeds of hope that peace IS possible in a world that feels hopelessly stuck in beliefs that just aren’t working. We know we can do better, but we can’t seem to get out of our own way to affect lasting change; to create that state of peaceful co-existence we’ve dreamed of for thousands of years. Is it too late? If we believe it is, that will be the result.

But if enough people start to believe in peace—just consider it!—we will begin to see it, of that I’m sure.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Surprise: They want the same things we do!

Through the entire month of April, 2010, I was in China with my friends Andy and Xavier. We visited five cities, and spent time out in some small towns way off the gleaming highways of the new China. It was my first time in Asia, and all in all, a great adventure. Honk Kong, in particular, I found truly exhilarating. And if you want picturesque, Hangzhou is sheer delight.

We saw a lot of "the real China" you don’t hear about in western media—the human side—and mainly what struck me was how kindred to myself everyone was. Chinese people want the same things for their children as we do: health, love, prosperity and happiness. I may be going out on a limb here, but my guess is that everyone wants those things.

Of course, there are crazy people everywhere. But even for the oppressed and downtrodden, the individual's dream is always for more love, more freedom, more happiness. And why? Because that is what we’re made of. I believe we’re wired for caring and compassion; for the raising-up of the other...our long, sad history of war and small-mindedness notwithstanding.

Yet as we look around at a world in such great need of healing, why is it we can’t seem to find, on a societal level, that for which we are so ready to strive at the level of the individual?

What are we missing?

I suggest that much of our problems come from a sense of disconnectedness to each other. We have forgotten, somehow, that who we are includes each and every living thing of which we are a part...and from which no one is excluded.

The healing we seek as a race will not come from new systems, or yet another religion to divide us even further. It will only be found by embracing our innate Oneness. The world of peace we’ve always dreamed of will come—naturally—when we first recognize the literal fact that we are all One. This can start now if we consider peace...at least consider it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello out there!

Well, here I go, stepping up onto my cyber soap box at long last, taking my invitation from the Conversation with God books to talk about Peace and Oneness...the invitation that asks "If not now, when; if not me, who?"

I'm certainly no more special than anyone else. I've got a camera and some free Internet accounts, so why not start making myself useful? Join me, please! There's room here for all of us!

If you recognize that the world is in dire need of healing; if you know in your heart that there's a better way to go about things here on planet Earth this early 21st Century; if you want to do something...well, join me. Let's start to "Consider Peace"...just consider it. Let's dare to believe that the world really could be a wonderful place instead of the painful "vale of tears" that it currently is for billions of people.

If you're reading this, you already know you're one of the lucky ones. At least we can make our voices heard, even if it seems, as it does to me now, at four in the morning, that I'm all alone crying into the silent night.

But the fact is, I am not alone. We are not alone. And someone's got to do something, right? I may not be able to change the world, but I can change things in my little orbit. Except now with the Internet, one's orbit, the ripples one can send, can go further than we ever imagined, or may ever know.

So, I'm about to make my life even more of an open book by speaking here, on this blog, the way, for several years now, I've only written in my journal. I'm throwing the stone of my ideas, my passion, into the brilliant cyber lake, and perhaps my words will reach you, dear blogger/reader, and together our voices can be healing ones...a shelter of sorts to dream together; to consider Peace...just consider it...the ramifications of a peaceful world. So that maybe one day, declaring Peace won't sound like such a radical idea.