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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are we believing in what's killing us?

There are a whole lot of teachings out there, in books that go back thousands of years, that have plenty to say about death and doom. They even say that killing and suffering is the right thing to inflict on ourselves and others...in the name of "all that's holy", if you please. Well, I just don't believe it!
I DO choose to believe what will nurture my soul and the souls of others are words--anyone's words--of love, compassion, patience, forgiveness and non-violence. These are the things I KNOW are going to lift us up and be the source of healing and redemption in a world crying out for answers.

Some beliefs simply will not take us to the place of peace we've dreamed of for so long; peace which I truly believe is possible if we listen to our hearts, not what we've been told to believe about God and the "evil" nature of human beings. Does your heart--not your learned constructs, but the voice inside you--say inflicting pain on others is the right thing to do? (And consider Gandhi's words, that poverty is a form of violence.)

The truth is, we're all One family; Life itself excludes no one. We can all be angels and saviors for each other. Let's not be making political, financial, ecological and social decisions that lead to a quicker death. Let's choose life.
And these choices can begin by considering peace.

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