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I am a writer, photographer and musician living in Los Angeles. In the last few years, new written work--numerous plays, screenplays, and two novels--have demonstrated this to be the most productive period of my life. The journal I have also kept for thirty-five years has, of late, become a personal sounding board for my thoughts on peace and the state of the world...about which I remain hopelessly optimistic! My writing here will be in tandem to video "Peace Talks" I have recorded, and which will be released throughout 2011. You're welcome to visit my website, the "Studio 5" link, to see my photographs. As a classically-trained pianist, I have been composing music all my life. Two guitar re-mixes of piano music are attached here, as well as several music videos, including "Consider Peace" the title track of an up-coming CD. Balancing writing, photography and music has been a long and challenging path...not to be recommended! Yet this very Aries diversity reflects an enthusiasm for the modern world of which I feel very much a part.

Friday, December 31, 2010

How differently we view the world.

I heard this interesting story from my new friend Michael Menzies. He and his partner Eduardo have both kept journals all their life. Sometimes they'll play a game, picking a random date from years gone by to see how each viewed the events of that day. When comparing notes, in most cases each one's "take" was completely different!

We're all looking at the world through our own prism...of experience, our underlying hopes and dream, our particular bend of nature. Some of us are "half full" types, and others tend to see things from a less optimistic point of view. I, for one, am a hopeless optimist. I simply refuse to believe people are "evil"-- as one God-fearing Christian woman I met in the market assured me we ALL were. Life is not evil; it's just...Life! Our point of view gives it meaning. What we feel about it, and what we give attention to, or simply trust, will be the measure of our experience.

As we embark on another year, the year of Life, 2011, let's remember that we're all in this together. Let's trust that the ever-evolving process of which we're all a part is taking us to the place we SAY we want to go: to a world of peace. It's possible if we give attention to it. But it starts by first considering...at least considering...peace. Happy New Year!

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